Show badges to recruiters


I’m looking for new job opportunities and well - it’s time to shine and show something attractive on LinkedIn on other sites like that.
What I love about codersrank is badges. My favorite is top 10 Dart developers which I’d love to show-off. It would be nice to have direct link to this badge so that I could post this badge as certificate with link to codersrank as originating organization.

Could be easy to do, yet helpful for me to attract more attention from HR. Also, this would generate relevant leads to your portal.

Hi @dtimoshe,

Welcome to our community! As I understand, you want to highlight your badges on different social sites.
right now, if I share my profile on LinkedIn it will look like this:

You can see the badges are included as well. Is it something you want?


For me it looks:

My idea is not to share whole profile, but exact Dart badge as I’m going to point on my Dart skills.