Being able to add more emails as part of profile

Some companies enforce to use the employe email as commit’s author, being able to add those emails will be very helpful to improve our profiles.


Hi @qf-jonathan,

We auto-detect the email address. This is not 100% accurate but it works in most cases. Unfortunately, right now it is not transparent and it is not possible to see what email addresses are considered. This is something we are planning to do in the future. So thanks for the suggestion.

There are a few ways to do it which one would work for you?

  • being able to edit the emails for each repos
  • being able to edit the emails for each source
  • being able to edit the emails for the whole account

I would vote for third option, add emails to the account. This way an email associated with the account can be used to detect any commit from any source/repository.

But in this case we probably not be able to handle local “emails”, e.g. “Alim’s-Macbook@local”. And these might not be really unique, so in this case we have to provide an option to specify emails per repo, because “macbook@local” may belong to me in one repo but may not be mine in another one.

We designed a solution like this, what do you think about it? After clicking to a source (GitHub, GitLab) can add/remove emails.